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AWS further simplifies data transmission with latest Schema Conversion Tool update

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Cloud infrastructure provider AWS (Amazon Web Services) is constantly enhancing the platform for user ease and better productivity. After releasing a communication tool a couple days ago, AWS has now announced an update for its Schema Conversion Tool. The tool facilitates complex task of sorting databases and provides a compatible target database.

The recent changes to the said tool will clean up data from certain specialty software and hardware. The tool is now capable of pulling data from Teradata and Oracle data warehouses and will directly import it in Amazon Redshift.

The data warehouse Amazon Redshift was specifically designed by Amazon Team for the cloud from the ground up. The warehouse was introduced back in 2012 and currently has customers from Finra, Nasdaq, and Nokia. Explaining the process for transmission, AWS’ official blog states,

AWS SCT will run an analysis of your data warehouse, automate the schema conversion, apply the schema to the Amazon Redshift target and extract your warehouse data, regardless of volume. 

The mentioned tool was released as part of AWS’ Database Migration Service in 2015. The latest upgrade for the Schema Conversion Tool will popularize its use, assisting users to easily transmit data. Users can even use Amazon S3 or Amazon Snowball to move their data exports to the cloud. Amazon Redshift will import the data for use directly at that moment.

The tool also offers support for database schema switches from IBM Netezza and EMC Greenplum data warehouses into Redshift. A user will need to have the latest version for the AWS to utilize the freshly introduced changes. The version is available for various OS including Windows, Mac, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

Earlier this week, AWS debuted an enterprise communication tool Amazon Chime. The tool will give a tough competition to Skype and Hangouts. Chime has been released as a unified and frustration-free communications platform. It aims to deliver high-quality video, voice, screen sharing and messaging services to participants in a virtual meeting.

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