Alphabet owned home automation company Nest is out with new updates for its mobile app. These updates are meant to cut the chaff and streamline the experience for Nest Aware customers. Users who have subscribed to Nest’s Aware program can now avail automatic door detection and animated push notifications. Its purpose is to lessen irrelevant alerts popping up your screen so that you may reach the more important ones quickly.

Nest Aware is basically a premium security service accessible through the Nest app. The service was launched with 24 hours and 7 days a week, non-stop high-definition recording, 30 days long video history, and many more features including Nest Cam Outdoor. A feature called Sightline was later added to the service, which highlights key moments from all available devices. It allowed you to have a check out the more relevant stuffs quickly thanks to artificial intelligence, saving you the time that would have otherwise been lost in mucking through hours worth of clip to find two minutes of worthy footage.

Nest’s automatic door detection feature is equipped with the same technology, through which you may command any supported camera to capture an activity around your gate. You don’t have to define an activity zone for the app and it will automatically update you when someone walks in or out through your gateway. Aware subscribers were however provided with this feature previously as well, but then defining an activity zone near the gateway was a manual process.But now, pattern recognition, sensors, and complex algorithms have made the process fully automated.

Another update that has newly been made available for Aware subscribers will save them the trouble of having to open the application now and then to check on things. Aware customers will now receive fire smoke alerts with a live video. Yes, the update allows you to receive push notifications followed by an animated preview of the video clip for the defined zone.

Back in July, Nest installed a feature called Spaces in its re-designed app which allowed you to to have a glance over all the installed products in your house ranging from thermostats to cameras. Now they are out with an advanced  Force Touch-like capability, which provides you with quicker ways of going through specific installed devices, and even lets you create a shortcut for them on your home-screen or desktop. This feature however, is only available for Android users.

These updates are available for Android 7 and iOS 10 platforms and are certain to take home automation and security to a whole new level.

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