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Google’s smart messaging app ‘Allo’ is aggressively improving its services, according to the needs of the consumers. We’ve seen some pretty significant changes in the past few months, which notably raised the standard of the chat client. One of the most interesting features of Allo is the access to instant assistance through Google Assistant.

The intelligent Google Assistant can perform a web search, tell a joke, set reminders as well as respond to complex queries. Adding to the capabilities of the Assistant, Google has now granted it access for sharing personal data on chats. But, Google assistant can share personal information of a user, only if the user grants it permission to share it.

The new trick is very useful in situations of emergency and in cases where a user is unable to find the needed info. Allowing the Assistant to access your personal data can rather save a user from troublesome situations — also raise security concerns in the process. The one granted with permission could ask the Assistant for upcoming flights, contact details of friends, travel plans, among other important things.

Once the assistant is successful in finding the asked info, it will ask for your permission to share the same. As soon as you tap the ‘Share Now’ button, the data will be sent in the form of a message to the concerned person. For the feature to work, you will require the latest version of the app, Allo 6.0. Moreover, as this feature is a server side change, it may take some time to roll out globally.

Apart from the said feature, Google recently introduced a new feature named ‘Lucky’. This feature generates a GIF relatable to the word typed by the user. The feature is inherited from Google’s search engine and works similar to the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button.

Extension of the Assistant’s capabilities certainly makes it more useful and easier to use. The said sharing feature not only broadens Allo’s abilities but also provides users with all new options to transfer information.

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