Mobile Application Analytics is a tool which helps firms operating mobile apps to know more about the users. One such company offering this tool, AdGyde Solutions Pvt. Ltd., assembles application data then sends back to the server. Its data processing system processes those data and generates reports.

AdGyde Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a joint venture of MoMagic Technologies Private Ltd. and Spice Digital Ltd., is building analytics based solutions for device companies.

The company provides real-time mobile app analytics and attribution solution in an easy to integrate SDK that monitors and reports analytical data about the app users. This way it helps them to maintain a better ROI with a single integration.

Once your app is published on playstore, you can analyze data on how users find your app’s store listing.

By using this service, the app developers and app marketers get a one-stop solution to track optimization and monetization of their respective mobile apps. Adgyde’s dashboard encompasses various metrics that lets you decipher, monetize and deliver an absolute user experience.

Adgyde has noteworthy features that include campaign tracking, i.e. it allows you to keep track of all your campaigns across Ad networks and advertisers. You can get detailed data for installs, in-app events in-app purchases revenues. It supports CPI, CPC, CPA models for Ad marketers.

Adgyde’s SDK offers server to server post-back URL, i.e., way to track conversions without the necessity to modify the thank you or confirmation page. This is possible for every single new Install and In-app Events. This notifies the app owner of each organic and in-organic app download.

The company enables you to perform cohort analysis. You can study the channel performance and segregate data for specified targeting by filtering through applications, campaign dates, media source, geo-locations and the generated revenues.

The reports can be shared with the team members and partners via email.

If your app offers in-app products and/or subscriptions, you can also review how your acquisition channels or media source offerings perform when converting users to buyers and repeat buyers.

With AdGyde SDK you can review performance by channel and geo-location. You have the provision to choose and track a user cohort. It helps you to monitor user flow pattern enabling you to predict the most popular activity in your application, increase conversions and lessen the bounce rate by studying the data.

The accessibility and ease of tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns, and measuring user’s activities with In-App events with AdGyde SDK have made campaign measurement easier for marketers.

It supports a referrer URL parameter in download links to the playstore. The SDK uses this parameter to automatically populate campaign information for your App.

Once you create any event for app install repeat the app launch, level completion, in-app purchase, etc, then, you would be able to view number of visitors attributed to each media source and their detailed engagement with your mobile application.

Adgyde helps you to escalate the app installs simultaneously maintaining a CPI within your target range. You can include In-App events to sell additional features or content and integrate your ads to monetize your app, add banners into your app’s user flow, between levels, at the bottom of an activity or on the home screen.

App marketer can input cost value, put an in-app purchase event on purchase screen and create a deep link to that screen. User clicks on tracking link to make that purchase and captures the revenue details against it.

Track the performance of every Ad unit broken down by clicks, user installs, and revenue on the AdGyde dashboard.

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