So we finally have leaks — and much substanced ones on that — on the launch dates of perhaps the most anticipated of flagships to be launched at the MWC this year (since Samsung isn’t launching much stuff this time) — the LG G6. And if the dates are anywhere near to be real, LG has finally done something right for its flagship to at least have a breathing room of sorts before others swamp it over.

According to one of the most trusted leaksters out there, Evan Blass from VentureBeat has revealed that LG’s latest flagship — the G6 — will launch in country’s home market i.e. South Korea first, followed by a US launch. While the Korean launch is slated for March 9th, Blass says that the G6 will make a debut on U.S. soils on April 7th.

The G6 is going to be an extremely crucial launch for LG for several reasons. For a first, the company needs to come out of the G5 debacle last year, wherein it experimented with modular design, but perhaps took the wrong way of experimenting with its popular, well-selling flagship lineup. The G5 hence turned out to be one of the most unsold phones for LG, thus acting as a tainted black spot on the otherwise decently successful G lineup.

The second reason, which is actually a result of the first, is LG’s move, to go back to unibody designs. The G6 will be made entirely out of glass and metal, unlike the company’s former plastic flagship devices. The phone will also have a 3.5 mm audio jack which is expected to be waterproof as well. Interestingly, the South Korean Company will no longer continue with the removable battery system and  instead use a non-removable battery in the upcoming G6.

However, what is more fascinating this time with the G^, is its much-talked about display. The company just yesterday named its massive G6 display as “Full Vision” technology.

The bezel-less display for G6 stands out of the crowd, building up the expectations further.  The display has been named ‘Full Vision’ as the massive resolution display fills up the front face of the smartphone entirely. Moreover, the company had previously stated its plans of delivering a display only 1 mm thick.

For LG, the company has been moving towards larger screens for a long time now, evolving the display ratio from 4:3, 3:2, 5:3, 6:9 to 2:1 now. The same is being done so as to allow the screen to be bigger yet comfortable in the hands of a customer. Customers now prefer larger screens and consume much more multimedia content than earlier, hence leading to the increase in display ratio. Other expected features from G6 includes a waterproof display in hand with enhanced multimedia options.

We’ll be there at the MWC this year, covering it LIVE and will bring you the G6 launch, in real-time. Stay tuned.

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