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Update: Okay, so there have been plenty of rumors that the new port will replace the USB-C or the lightning connectors and it is time to clear the aur. Well guys, you are in luck and you can go back to hoarding all your data cables. Apple does not intend to use the new port to replace either USB-C, or the lightning connector ports on its iOS devices.

Among other applications, the UAC will be used as an intermediary in headphone cables. This includes ensuring that USB-C and lightning type cables can work properly with ports of the other type.

Previously: Apple is pretty unpredictable. The company is reportedly planning to adopt an all new connector type for some accessories meant for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. The accessories under the official Made-for-iPhone (MFi) licensing program will be covered under the scheme and will be connected using the new connector.

The company has apparently launched a developer preview of the new connector type and is preparing partner manufacturers to make the switch. The change could be pretty large considering that in some cases, the new getup will replace the use of Lightning and USB connectors. The company will let accessory manufacturers manufacture Lightning to UAC, USB-A to UAC, and 3.5 mm headset ports to UAC. This should allow allow headphones with a UAC port to connect to Apple devices.

As for why the Cupertino giant is making this rather large change, well, because of space concerns. The 8-pin connector comes in at 2.05mm by 4.85 mm at the tip,and is slightly less thick than USB-C, and just half as wide as both USB-C and Lightning. This manages to save up some space for the company.

Meanwhile, it is uncertain if Apple is planning adoption beyond and above headsets. That is the thing with Apple, for all we know, this port may be the port for the next generation of devices. The lightning headphone jack was similarly introduced before the 3.5 mm jack was removed for good.

Meanwhile, there was quite a lot of ridicule over the decision to introduce new ports, The company only recently switched to all USB-C ports on the 2016 Macbook Pro and there is plenty to suggest that Apple could be planning to replace the lightning port with the USB-C port on future iteration of iOS devices. Considering all this, the decision to reinvent the wheel does not make much sense and has been attracting trolls over the Internet. However, I am sure Apple has its reasons.

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