Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider publisher Square Enix just reported the earnings for the last nine-month period which ended December 31, 2016, earlier today with their revenue and profit both seemingly rising well for the entire period.

As per the earnings report, revenue was at ¥190 billion ($1.7 billion), which is up from ¥152 billion ($1.3 billion) during the same period in 2015. Profit came in at ¥17 billion ($151 million), which is also up from ¥13.5 billion ($120 million) last year. These are staggering increases of 24.4 and 26 percent, respectively. So, all in all, it has been a great year for the Japanese developer.

Square Enix didn’t forget to call out their biggest new releases such as Final Fantasy XV and Rise of the Tomb Raider’s PlayStation 4 version in this earnings report, although it hasn’t mentioned any specific sales figures for the games. Just last month, Square Enix had made the announcement that Final Fantasy XV had shipped approximately 6 million copies.

As part of its earnings report today, Square Enix further mentioned that the digital sales for their back catalog games were also “strong,” though it did not mention any of these back catalog titles by name.

The revenue for all of Square Enix’s MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games have shown a “steady performance,” but that income took a rather significant hit due to the lack of major new expansion packs releasing during that nine-month period.

In addition to that, the net sales and operating income for both smart devices and PC “increased significantly” mostly due to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (with Ariana Grande being in the game as well), Hoshi No Dragon Quest, and Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light.

Square Enix’s gaming division, Digital Entertainment, posted a revenue of ¥146 billion (up 32.7 percent) and operating income of ¥21.8 billion (up 5.8 percent).

In other news about Square Enix, the company recently announced a multi-title deal with Marvel, while the Deus Ex franchise is reportedly “on hiatus.”

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