Bandai Namco made the announcement today regarding a delay to the upcoming console release of its side-steppin’ 3D arcade fighting game, Tekken 7. Initially, it was slated for release during early 2017 but Bandai Namco just revealed that it is not the case. The new date now is — June 2, 2017.

Tekken 7 Project leader Katsuhiro Harada had this to say during a press event in Tokyo last week:

We were trying our best to get the game out at that time, to get it into the hands of users as early as possible, we saw some titles–some from our own company and some from others–which didn’t have a very good launch because of a lack of content, or whatever it was, that caused players to bash the product.

Harada and team clearly wanted to avoid a repeat of history, deciding to move ahead with its original content plan, “even if that meant the game would come a little later“.

Further, talking about their decision to delay the launch of Tekken 7, he continued:

The decision wasn’t an easy one. although this is the first time we’ve actually announced a date, it wasn’t always June. It came through a process and we made some hard decisions and that was the result. early’ was probably March or April from your average person’s perspective, so we’re not going to try and sugar-coat it. We realise it’s not ‘early,’ I’m so sorry!

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