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Last year, LG decided to continually innovate and introduce a completely different set of flagship products. But its strategies and decisions didn’t exactly pan out how they wanted and the sales suffered. But, this time around, LG is planning to innovate but keep the device simple and focus on the little things. And now we have a picture – at least half of it – to provide us a glimpse at the upcoming G6.

The Verge has somehow got its hand on the very first image of the LG G6, but it isn’t a complete peek at the front or back. The said picture is just the top half of the phone but it definitely gives us some hints regarding the launch. Firstly, you can see that G6 will prioritize design over gimmicky features this year around. The smartphone will be constructed entirely out of glass and metal, while also losing its modularity in the process.

Secondly, one can easily discern that the G6’s display is taller than the previous generation G5. Also, LG has tried to trim down the bezels on the sides as well as the top of the smartphone. We can also notice that the Korean giant has tried to ‘Mi Mix’ things up by adding that curve to the display panel. LG display has already announced that the G6 will incorporate an unusual aspect 18:9 ratio for its QuadHD+ screen. This screen is aimed at providing users with a better body-to-screen ratio (possibly > 90 percent).

And like always, there is a lack of the LG branding at the top but we can notice the camera sensor along with a cohort of sensors. But, there is a possibility that the 3.5 mm headphone jack, dual-camera setup at the back and fingerprint sensor under it is expected to make a comeback.

LG has already started creating hype around the G6, which is scheduled to launch at MWC on February 26. The Korean giant has already sent out press invites to a ‘See More. Play More’ launch event. This is a golden chance for the company as its Korean competitor Samsung doesn’t plan to release its flagship device at the MWC trade show. LG has been waiting for this moment to cut competition and boost sales. And now it has an opportunity at its hand, it just needs to grab it.

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