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UberEATS, the American ride-hailing giant’s on-demand food delivery service, is finally gearing up for its launch in India. Uber has today announced that the food delivery service will be making its way to the country ‘very soon.’ The company sees tremendous potential for its success in the country.

According to the blog post, Uber is currently exploring a partnership with a cohort of food joints to expand its network before launch. At the moment, the company is also accepting restaurant suggestions from users (so go ahead!!). It plans to form a perfect amalgamation of their partners, technology, and delivery network before going for a full-on debut. Available through a standalone app, this service aims to provide food delivery separate from the Uber ride-hailing service.

Talking about the expansion of the service, Allen Penn, Asia Pacific’s head of UberEATS, says,

I am incredibly excited about bringing UberEATS to India. This is a significant investment, it spans multiple cities and regions, and it has the potential to change the food industry – with the push of a button – in one of the most vibrant food cultures in the world.

The UberEATS food delivery platform initially started as a pilot project in Los Angeles in 2014. The company has, however, been expanding its market presence and now operates in 58 countries across the world. Though the service isn’t available in India yet but one can download the mobile app in preparation for the impending launch. The blog post for the announcement further adds,

UberEATS will give consumers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners more options across India. Restaurants can tap into the Uber delivery network to expand their businesses and reach a new network of potential customers. And delivery partners now have access to even more flexible earning opportunities.

The announcement for the launch of the service comes as the competition between Uber and homegrown ride-hailing platforms intensifies. On one hand, Ola is playing catch up to Uber in terms of technology and services. And Uber, on the other hand, is expediting its efforts for a stronger foothold in the country, as well as other parts of the SEA market. And the launch of UberEATS in the coming weeks is an evidence of the same.

There is currently no information on pricing as well as cities, where the service will initially be launched before going for a complete debut. We’ll, however, keep our eyes peeled to make you stay up to date with the launch of UberEATS. Nom Nom!!

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