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Today, Samsung lifted the covers from the mystery surrounding the repetitive Galaxy Note 7 explosions. The Korean giant is now ready to put these events in the past but you might have to wait a little longer. Its upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S8, was expected to make an appearance at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. But, I’m sorry to say, it won’t.

This development has been confirmed by Samsung’s mobile head DJ Koh to Hyunjoo Jin at Reuters. He didn’t provide any further info on the launch date or specifications of the device. There is, however, a speculation that the company is planning to host an exclusive event at New York in April. And this might eventually prove to be true.

For the past three years, the company has been launching its Galaxy S series flagship device at the MWC trade show. But things will definitely be different this year, thanks to their Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire. The Korean giant is now laying more emphasis on quality control alongside the feature set. Samsung is not planning to rush the device out the door this time around. The Galaxy Note 7 explosions are also a result of the expedited production to beat the iPhone 7 to the market.

As for the Galaxy S8, this flagship device from Samsung is expected to feature humongous bezel-free displays. The company plans to provide people with a Note 7-like experience in their S series smartphones. They believe this will make up for last year’s explosive events. Further, it will get rid of the prominent home button and embed the fingerprint sensor under the display. There is currently no confirmation whether the 3.5mm headphone jack is staying or walking away.

The Korean giant is, however, also accepting the AI-powered voice assistant trend. The Galaxy S8 is expected to include Bixby, a new voice assistant powered by its recent Viv acquisition. There have recently also been rumors that Samsung is adding a dedicated button to activate the assistant. The company is also looking to upgrade the optics, by bringing an auto-focus front camera into the mix. But, all the rumors will gain definite shape sometime towards the end of March or early April. And we can’t wait!!

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