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IBM has announced plans to acquire Agile 3 solutions, a developer of software used by the C-Suite and senior executives to better visualize, understand and manage risks associated with the protection of sensitive data.

With an overall rise in corporate cyber crime, there’s no denying the fact that Agile 3’s addition to IBM’s arsenal will prove to be a handy tool that will enable improved C-suite decision making.

Financial terms were not disclosed and the acquisition will take place over a matter of weeks. Once the entire integration takes place, IBM will offer Agile 3 Solutions’ technology through Data Security Services. The company also plans to integrate Agile 3 Solutions’ capabilities into its industry-leading data protection software IBM Guardium.

IBM is also acquiring Ravy Technologies, a subcontractor of Agile 3 Solutions.

After thousands of client engagements, we’ve seen security move from the back office to the front office and now, to the board room.

said Marc van Zadelhoff, General Manager, IBM Security.

Adding Agile 3 Solutions to the IBM Security immune system of capabilities gives our team the ability to not only protect critical data, but demonstrate why it is at risk, and how to remediate that risk. Knowing what your crown jewel data is, and understanding its susceptibility to exploitation via external or insider threats, is an imperative for any organization.

Speaking about the new milestone reached by his business, Raghu Varadan, Founder and CEO of Agile 3 Solutions said:

Having worked closely with IBM Security as a business partner, our team is excited by the opportunity to join the leader in enterprise security. Our mission has been to bring the C-Suite into the security decision making process on their terms. Now with IBM Security, we’re bringing together the ability to not only influence decisions but to take action to protect business critical data.

The San Francisco based Agile 3 solutions is expected to augment the existing IBM security offerings with their industry-leading expertise to aid clients in managing their data risk portfolios.

Security has been a huge cause of concern for corporations the world over and IBM is no exception. IBM Security has hired approximately 1,900 security experts since 2015, and has invested in innovative new programs to take it’s battle with cybercrime further. Some of the said programs include ITS’s X-Force Exchange and the Security App Exchange. It has also acquired a number of companies including the likes of MRO Software and Palisades Technology Partners.

Corporate cyber crime is being dubbed as ‘fastest growing economic crime,’ what with a jump in cases by 20% from 2015. Given the magnitude and number of threats, companies need to work as per an end-to-end approach extensively requiring a multi-faceted response to attacks. This can only be achieved when the companies function along with the government, industry and academic institutions. The company’s latest acquisition is yet another step along the same direction.

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