Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh has revealed that the development of Samsung Note 8, is happening apace. The device is slated to release sometime later this year.

Not only that, the executive has also stressed on why the Korean smartphone maker went ahead with keeping the brand property intact, despite the controversies it faced with the Note 7 phones exploding all over the place. The company had initiated a detailed investigation into the reasons for the fiasco, and the results for which blamed two distinct battery flaws. The Note 7 caused a major headache to buyers as well, and some users reportedly were subject to recall twice.

We found through the investigative process, we knew there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers.

said Koh, in the interview. He also emphasized (much to the delight of the Note fans) that the Note 8 would be innovative and much more safer than it’s predecessor.

The company possess the statistics to back its decision to carry on the Note brand. Tim Baxter, President and COO of Samsung US, said in the interview that more than 10,000 people had signed up for future updates from Samsung regarding its products and that a number of Note 4 and 5 owners out there are still searching for an upgrade. The company, naturally thinks that these users have still not found a suitably upgraded handset from their Note devices and want to cling on to the Note range of mobiles.

In other news, the Galaxy S8 (another of Samsung’s popular range of phablets) won’t be released at the Mobile World Congress this February.

Following the Note 7’s epic fail, the leading smartphone maker’s stakes are high to produce a product that it’s fan base is willing to lap up. And as it has released it’s findings for the fiasco, it’s understood that the ‘fire-gate’ won’t be repeated. What we’d love this time around is bigger storage (128 GB would be really sweet) to catch up with the iPhone and the nifty little S Pen as was witnessed in Note 7. And that’s apart from top of the line hardware,design and software of course.

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