faraday future, ff 91

Faraday Future, the Los Angeles based startup which specializes in electric vehicles unveiled its FF91 at the CES 2017 betwixt a lot of hype and uncertainty. The car is quite spectacular theoretically and has the caliber of setting standards for the future luxury electric vehicles, provided of course, that it manages to reache the market.

Faraday Future demonstrated their confidence in their FF91 by starting its “priority” reservations at a first time deposit of $5,000. However, they never revealed the cost of their EV.

But we think we have a figure now. Electrek attracts our attention towards a Chinese interview with Jia Yueting, CEO of Faraday Future’s financial backer LeEco, who reveals that the price of FF91 will be “less than 2 million Chinese yuan.” This figure translates to “less than 292,645 American dollars,” for most of us.

It was presupposed at the time of the launch of  FF91 that it will have a price close to a premium vehicle, but from the figures suggested by Jia, it appears that the vehicle could cost massively beyond a regular premium vehicle.

The figure, “less than $292,645” is what has been said about the Chinese car market, and the EV is almost certain to cost much less in the U.S. Unlike U.S.  China has to pay import taxes and other fees which make the cars costlier in the Chinese market. For instance, a Tesla Model X 90D start at $98,800 in U.S., however, based on today’s exchange rates, it costs $141,000 in China.

If we rely on the same math, Jia’s statement could be expressed as the cost of Faraday Future FF91 will “around than $200,000 in the United States. Well, even for a beast which is insanely fast, equipped with a 130-kWh battery pack and compressed with the newest of technologies, it still appears to be very very expensive.

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