Apple’s iPhone 7 release was definitely a refresh for their lineup but not a rather refreshing device for consumers. But, we are now hearing that the upcoming iPhone lineup will introduce features unheard of. The Cupertino giant is planning to make the tenth anniversary iPhone unforgettable and unfathomable, even by its competitors.

Citing sources in the company’s supply chain, Apple Insider has got its hands on a report detailing a ‘feature-rich launch’ for the phones. The report published by analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company refers to the launch of three iPhone models in late 2017. And he believes that one of these will sport a wraparound display, facial sensor technology, wireless charging capabilities. In a note to investors, he refers to this unbelievable device as ‘iPhone X.’

Arcuri, in his note, mentions that Apple is expected to debut the usual upgrades to their lineup in the form of iPhone 7s. But, this will also be accompanied by a large 5.8-inch model with a curved OLED display. This display is said to wrap around the edges of the smartphones but it still isn’t confirmed whether Apple will make a switch from LCD. If it does include the same then Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of these flex displays.


In addition, Apple is also expected to include some unexpected new features into this flagship device. And one of these might be a facial or gesture recognition technology. Arcuri isn’t currently sure about the specifics of the same but speculates that it’ll  be “supported by a new laser sensor and an infrared sensor mounted near the front-facing camera.”

The company is also expected to bake the earpiece, front camera, and fingerprint sensor right into the display to further reduce bezels and make room for the humongous screen in a manageable form factor. The company will have to switch out the Touch ID sensor in favor of Synaptec’s new optical-based fingerprint reader. Arcuri is of the opinion that it is the “currently the only workable solution” for detecting a fingerprint through a smartphone screen.

This smartphone release is expected to make people go ‘WOAH’ this year and that might also be an understatement. Apple might have plans to resurrect their original ideology of being the first to introduce certain features to the world. It has been lacking on this front with its usual design and feature decisions over the past couple of years. And since these are all still speculation, I’d recommend you to accept these with a grain of salt.

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