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Google is yet again readying itself to take the reigns of the smartwatch ecosystem, which is facing a rapid decline in sales. Android Wear 2.0, the second version of company’s smartwatch operating system, has finally received a definite launch date.

The tech behemoth had initially shown off its upcoming software update for the smartwatch at its I/O developer conference back in May. It had then announced that the update would start rolling out towards the end of 2016. But, the release had been delayed to an indefinite early 2017 to iron out issues pointed out by developers in the preview builds.

And now, Google has started sending out an e-mail notification to Android Wear 2.0 developers to publish their new and updated apps. This reminder mentions that the release of the software update is just weeks away. It has also been sent out to help developers, who were waiting for the imminent release of this version. It’ll push them to update their code or face unavailability of their apps in the Play Store.

Credits: 9to5Google

As for the features of Android Wear 2.0, Google has tried to focus heavily on customization and standalone capabilities with this version. It has tried to ensure that users do not require their smartphones to stay connected or operate their smartwatch. They also don’t require to be paired with the phone for Wi-Fi connectivity or to install apps. It has baked in the complete Play Store right into Android Wear, exclusively focused on smartwatch apps.

In addition, the company has already shown off the new functionalities of the software through the release of some third-party apps. But the said update will be required to reach an extensive number of watches to make for a successful launch. Also, Google has confirmed that it will push Android Wear 2.0 to existing devices.

The Mountain View-based tech giant has also shed light on its plans to release a couple new own-brand smartwatches in the coming weeks. We may also come across some new pieces of wearable hardware at the upcoming Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona.

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