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Latest Windows 10 Insider build intros ‘Dynamic Lock,’ to automatically lock your PC when you walk away

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At last, the cravings of Fast Ring Windows Insiders have been fulfilled with the release of a new build. This preview build (#15002) arrives at least three weeks after the last build was released by Microsoft. And of course, it packs a wide variety of features and improvements that will add up to the upcoming Creators Update.

While scouring through the Settings of Insider build #15002, Windows Central has discovered a new security feature called ‘Dynamic Lock.’ This feature has been added to Windows 10 in the latest build release. It will work in sync with Windows Hello to better protect your privacy and identity when you’re not around.

To jog your memory, Microsoft debuted Windows Hello to make it easier for users to sign into their computers without having to type in the password regularly. This feature enables them to use biometric recognition to use a fingerprint sensor or IR camera to log into the Windows 10 device with just a touch or a look. One also has the ability to use companion devices, such as Microsoft Band and phones to log in.

With Dynamic Lock, the Redmond giant now aims to detect if you’re present at your workstation and lock you PC if you’re not. Microsoft is adding another layer of security to devices running Windows 10 with the release of this Insider build. To activate this feature, you’ll need to navigate to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > Dynamic Lock. It has been described in the Settings app as under:

[It] allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.

The publication further suggests that the feature was internally referred to as ‘Windows Goodbye,’ in contrast to Dynamic Lock. The former is a more fitting name for the feature as it locks the screen when you walk away. There is currently no information on how the feature works as the official documentation sheds no light on the same. We’ve, however, contacted Insider program lead Dona Sarkar for details on it.

There’s a good chance that Microsoft might use the Windows Hello camera setup to detect when you’ve left your position. Thus, locking the PC to protect your data and privacy. But it has been seen that one doesn’t need to activate Windows Hello to use the feature. It could also be tied to user activity, where the device gets locked once the workstation remains idle for certain period of time.

This feature addition to Windows 10 Creators Update could prove to be a boon for enterprise users, who can just get up and leave their desk. The rest is assured by the workstation, which will lock itself and secure their data from intrusive eyes. But we hope that the timer for the lock isn’t set too low else it would soon become annoying for regular users.

Microsoft, I don’t want you to lock my PC in the two minutes I grab my coffee! Thanks!

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