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WhatsApp’s Android beta now supports GIF searching via Giphy, increases media sharing limit to 30

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WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging clients but it has been super slow in introducing some much-needed features to its platform over the years. It is, however, now steadily catching up as the company has today expanded on its GIF support with the addition of Giphy integration. It has also bumped up the maximum media file sharing capacity to a massive value in its latest beta update for Android users.

Initially spotted by Android Police, you would need to download the latest beta numbered 2.17.6 to gain access to these features immediately. The highlight of this update is the integration of Giphy search right within the messaging app. This follows in line with the company’s efforts to expand GIF support on their app but also eliminates the need of any third-party apps to make it work. You no longer are required to use Gboard, saved media files or any other app to send GIFs to your friends on WhatsApp.

To access this feature and send GIFs, all you need to do is open a chat window to send an emoji. But instead of sending an emoji, we’ll tap the emoji icon and make use of the new GIF icon to switch to the Giphy search interface inside the app. It can then be used to type search queries and select the GIF you want to send over to WhatsApp users with just a tap. This is a late integration on the company’s part but it is most welcome.

In addition, there is another minute but major change that’s been introduced in this beta update. Previously, WhatsApp only enabled you to send a maximum of 10 media files simultaneously but that limit has now been increased. The need of the hour has been recognized and the limit has been increased to a whopping 30 media files. Thus, you can share more photos and videos at one time without having to keep track of which you have already sent.

For those interested in checking out the latest feature additions, join WhatsApp’s Android Beta group and download the latest update. I’m off to sharing baby GIFs! Enjoy!

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