The next flagship from LG (presumably the G6) will come with a new 5.7 inches display along with a surprising aspect ratio of 18:9 — and a QHD+ resolution. The announcement for the new LCD display came today from LG Display, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of LCD panels. The intention of this new design is to magnify the screen to body ratio.

LG is confident that its new display is the next step to the evolution of smartphone screens. The idea of 18:9 aspect ratio sounds fascinating as it will add some extra space to the screen against the usual 16:9 ratio. The 17:9 screen of Xiaomi Mi Mix also provides some extra space against 16:9 screen for the sake of housing Android software buttons. With the company’s decision of increasing the ratio, it could be expected that they might be planning to add certain buttons or features to the extra space.

The LCDs have certainly come a long way, evolving from 4:3 to 3:2, 5:3 to 16:9. The new aspect ratio of 18:9 is perfect for viewing videos or using dual screen functions, which could be some tempting features LG could incorporate in its new flagships.

LG Display has also stated that the bezels required for its new panel are 10 percent smaller on the sides and 20 percent smaller at the top. Their intent of trimming the bezel to produce an almost bezel-less phone would make the 5.7 inches device feel smaller than the initial size.

The display panels are confirmed to have a resolution of  2880 x 1440 and the QHD+ display would supplement a few extra arrays of pixels to the Quad HD. In addition to this, the new display is thinner and equipped for better touch response. The panel manufacturing giant has also claimed a more energy efficient display which will have 30% less power consumption. The outdoor visibility has also been enhanced with 10%improvement in transmittance.

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