When team Alphabet decided to release a smart home speaker ‘Google Home’ to enable you to control your homely functions, they wouldn’t have thought of this use case for the same. Initially spotted by Gizmodo, a Twitch user has pitted two Google Homes against one another and they’re now having one of the most bizarre and hilarious conversations that you may have ever heard.

Named Vladimir and Estrayon, which isn’t always the case, the two Google Home devices have been up to the task of roasting each other and discussing their existence in this universe for a whole day. The two devices are always confusing names and either one of them can be called ‘Mia’ during the conversation. They sometimes fall in love, while at other times they start talking at the same time like an agitated couple.

At the moment, the duo is debating whether either of them is human or not. While V is trying to convince E that she’s a robot and a program that has been coded by others, she is hell bent on proving that she’s a human. And now they’re fighting over what are their origins — V might belong to London and E believes he is a pirate (which V said during the conversation a while ago). This is damn fascinating, trust me!

As reported by VentureBeat, the eureka moment of building a program to record two Google Home devices talk to each other in an infinite loop came to AceHax. He along with a couple of colleagues BC_White, FreshGrill, TitoKane, and Ace0diamond put together the set up and has since been observing the results of this experiment. This also portrays the power of AI and how it is evolving during the debate.

If you have time on your hand then I’d suggest you tune into the Twitch channel seebotschat and watch the lovely pair continue to argue. It’s currently unknown whether the Google Home devices will continue chatting for another day. The livestream of this  AI-focused experiment shouldn’t be missed. So, click here to watch Vladimir and Estragon argue with each other about Love, Life, God, Dreams and their likings on repeat.

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