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FinancialForce bets big on former Salesforce and Heroku exec Tom Nielsen as its new CEO

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FinancialForce, the leading cloud ERP vendor on the Salesforce Platform, today announced that it has appointed Tod Nielsen as the Chief Executive Officer and President.

We can call this a smart move by the company as Tod is considered to be a good catch and will give FinancialForce and edge in the industry. Tod Nielsen had made significant contributions to the tech business having served as the Executive VP of Platform at Salesforce, CEO at Heroku, CEO at Borland. The list does not stop here as he has also been Chief Marketing Officer for BEA systems, Vice President of Microsoft’s Platform group and more. Having served at so many executive positions, Nielsen is now considered as a leader with a record of taking technology companies to the next level by accelerating their innovation and revenue growth.

As the Chief Executive Office of Heroku, Nielsen completely redefined the company’s enterprise strategy thus pumping growth. As the Co- President of the Applications Platform Group and Chief Operating Officer at VMware, he helped drive a 9-fold increase in the company’s market share to over 50 billion dollars.

Commenting on his appointment, Mike Rosenbaum, FinancialForce board member and Executive Vice President of CRM Applications at Salesforce, said,

With more than two decades of experience leading high-growth business units at large technology vendors like Salesforce, VMware, Oracle and Microsoft, Tod has the knowledge, business sense, and leadership skills that will help Financial Force thrive.

Tom has replaced Jeremy Roche, who founded the company and has run it since the beginning of its establishment in 2009. Nielsen is taking over the company at quite the right time as it has topped up its coffers with over $193 million.

The new CEO of FinancialForce has already escalated expectations and shows a lot of enthusiasm at the very spring. On his appointment to this position, he goes on to say that,

I focus on what the customer needs and the opportunity and where we can get success . If we have to buy to accelerate time to value we would explore that.

With the kind of work experience that Nielsen has, the company has really high hopes from him and so do we. Kudos!

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