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In a blog post today, DICE finally shared details on the upcoming updates to Battlefield One and started off by revealing a brand new Custom Game, Bleed Out, which will be arriving on January 18. It’s an alternated version of Rush where downed soldiers will die much faster. Also, there is zero health regeneration. This is just the latest new Custom Game for Battlefield 1, as DICE has regularly released new ones since Battlefield 1’s launch in October to keep the engines revving.

A new update for Battlefield 1 will come out during February. DICE is saving any kind of specifics for later, but teased that it will be containing “gameplay improvements” that are derived from its own testing and fan feedback. The studio has previously discussed a long list of features that could come to the game’s rented servers, though it remains to be seen if these are the features that may be addressed in the February update.

Battlefield 1 has already received a significant amount of updates. They have added several things like significant map changes, weapon and item balance issues, and an additional free DLC map called Giant’s Shadow.

Lastly, DICE also recently reminded it’s fans that Battlefield 1’s They Shall Not Pass DLC expansion will be coming out some time in March. All we know is that it will add four maps and French army but the studio has kept quiet on what else it might be introducing.

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