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Amazon wants to grab off any lying opportunity even if it means embracing the competitors. The company now plans to welcome rival retailers onto its mobile app under its Amazon Commerce Services. The e-commerce platform will launch a ”place cards” service for e-retailers marketing their websites and products inside of the Amazon App, reports The Information.

These place cards can be used by e-retailers for their newsletters, subscriptions, and other similar features. When a user will click on a place card, it will be directed to a store app or website but the user will still be browsing in Amazon’s app itself.

The revenue from the same will be generated by the number of clicks along with Amazon Payment option available to the users. We’re all aware of the fact that the company keeps a certain percentage of every transaction made through its payment solution for itself. Though it holds a massive customer base under its thumb, the new planned venture will cause the same to grow even further.

It would be a quite difficult task convincing the e-retailers as it might shift existing customers to Amazon then. Moreover, the company may ask e-retailers to share their respective customer data with its team which is yet another cause for resistance from its rivals. Macy’s, which is an online fashion portal commented on the new service offered as under,

It all depends on who gets the customer data. If Amazon takes any of our data, it’s a no. We have to watch out for that.

The new service is still in early stages of development and gives e-retailers a chance to mull over the decision before signing up. Other giants such as Walmart, Target etc., might not be interested in the service as it could level down their existing user base, handing it down on a silver platter to Amazon. With a wide variety of payment solutions and versatile marketing tactics available, we need to see how the service fares.

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