Slack, the cloud-based team collaboration chat app, has witnessed a decrease in its high initial growth because of which it is trying to get as maximum developers that would build new and unique applications and once again make it an efficient platform.

The company has established the Slack Fund for the purpose of investing into startups and building efficient tools for its platform. Thus, it has announced 11 new investments today in order to firm its feet into the ecosystem. Though, it declined to release the amount of money invested in each of this companies.

Slack has made 25 investments until now including 14 startups of the July, worth $2 million. The current investments in the startups are a way to improve variety of work tasks.

Slack is one of the most promising startups of the Sillicon Valley. Since the time of its launch wuth initial 150 apps, the directory has only grown and now has over 750 apps which have been downloaded over 6 million times. It has $ million daily active users and 1/25 million paid users.

Following is the short explaination for the investments announced today through the official blog post:

Guru creates an enhanced knowledge based search of conversations in Slack

Statsbot is the most popular bot in the App Directory and provides a systematic insights in more efficient way, by connecting with Mixpannel, Salesforce and Google Analytic.

Bold is like the teams blog that allows the employes to openly express their ideas and think openly.

Troops serves up regular team performance reports by bringing Salesforce data into the platform.

DataFox provides real time updates about the companies, user wants to make into its customer.

Demisto automatically alerts users if a malicious URL or file is shared in Slack.

SwayFinance is for sharing data about the company’s financial status.

WorkRamp is a next gen training platform built on Slack.

Synveroz in an always-on chat platform that helps the teammates chat in the real time.

Twine is a hardware to be plugged into the HDMI port to contol video calls, move rooms and share data on Slack

Donut improves team communication by arranging meetings between collegues.

In addition, Slack, who popularised enterprise messaging, is now facing threats from Microsoft Teams released in November and Facebook Workplace released in October.

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