snapdragon 835

We already know that Qualcomm is all set to take the wraps off its next processor chip, the Snapdragon 835, at the CES 2017 show floor. It has already shared a tweet saying that details about the same will come into focus at the electronics show but as we’ve come to expect — the specifications and performance details for the processor have been revealed via leaked slides.

The chipmaker is working with Samsung and utilising their 10nm technology for the construction of this processor. The basic performance specs of the Snapdragon 835 had been detailed when Qualcomm announced this partnership a couple months ago. It had then said that the new chip will deliver a 27 percent increase in performance, a 40 percent reduction in power consumption and a 30 percent increase in area efficiency as compared to the 14nm technology.

But we now have an even detailed look at the specifications, courtesy of a Videocardz presentation. And rest assured, you’re soon gonna see slimmer phones, extended battery life and improved graphics output in the coming weeks – most likely starting with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

According to the slides, the Snapdragon 835 will feature an octa-core Qualcomm Kryo 280 (2.45Ghz+1.9Ghz) that will provide a 20 percent increase in performance and 80 percent time will be spent on the betterment of overall efficiency. The former four cores will help improve the performance for app load times, VR  and web browsing whereas the latter will only act as the ‘efficiency cluster.’ The processor will also pack the latest Adreno 540 GPU with support for 4K@60fps displays with 25 percent faster graphics rendering.

In addition, Qualcomm is going all in this time around. The Snapdragon 835 is packing a gigabit-class LTE modem ‘Snapdragon x16 LTE,’ a Hexagon 690 DSP which adds support for Google’s machine learning library TensorFlow and faster image recognition. It will enable OEMs to better tackle the inclusion of AI and machine learning into their software offering.

The new processor also includes support for Camera features such as smooth focus, a wider colour gamut and fast auto-focus. This is topped off with better security features and the introduction of a complete biometric suite embedded into the chip.

The chipmakers are extremely focused on presenting and boasting about how their chips have improved in performance over the years. And the Snapdragon 835 is said to be far more energy efficient than the previous Snapdragon 8xx processors. But the improvement for the same isn’t as noticeable as compared to the processors launched around 2014. Take the leaks with a grain of salt and wait for the official release at the CES show floor in the coming days.

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