While we might have been expecting Samsung’s next smartphone release ‘Galaxy S8’ to show up at the Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona, fresh reports now suggest that the Korean giant is looking to delay the launch until April. A dedicated launch event is now being scheduled to be held in New York, reports Naver. This is the device which will enable Samsung to rebuild its brand and regain the lost trust.

The primary reason behind this delay in the launch of company’s next flagship smartphone is being caused due to the recent Galaxy Note 7 debacle — which I’m sure you’re all aware of. And even of you aren’t, I’d recommend you to first go through our obituary for the device. It was Samsung’s flagship phone which couldn’t stop exploding and catching fire due to some unknown issues — most likely battery specific.

To prevent further damage, all Note 7 devices were recalled and thorough investigation to explore the root cause of the problem began. Fast forward a couple months, Samsung has reportedly completed the study of the internals of the device. It has shared its findings with external agencies and laboratories, who’ll review the same and voice their views about the same.

The reported plans for the delay were discussed at an executive meeting at Samsung’s headquarters in Suwon, South Korea on Monday, state sources aware of the developments. This meeting held to discuss the global strategy shed light on the Note 7 explosions and the go-to strategy for the upcoming launch.

The company has always unveiled its next Galaxy S series smartphone at MWC in February. But this time around, as expected, it is exercising extreme precaution with the release of its comeback device (note: Nokia is making a comeback! Yay!) which can make or break their brand. Also, Samsung plans to completely overhaul the device to provide a new and intuitive experience – never seen before on an S series device.

It is looking to release two phablet-sized smartphones to compensate for the loss of Galaxy Note 7, which will pack a glass-covered display to introduce newer technologies such as under-glass fingerprint sensors. The Galaxy S8 could also ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack and home button in favor of on-screen navigation buttons. The smartphone is also expected to be pack in a virtual assistant powered by Viv’s smarts.

So, instead of waiting just a couple months, we now have to wait a good four months before the Galaxy S8 is launched. Any comments?

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