After Microsoft successfully managed to poach a large number of Mac users by offering huge discounts on its Surface book if they turned in their Macs, Google is attempting to get iPhone users to move to Android by making the transition easier.

The tech behemoth has now come up with a solution for all those who wish to switch to Android from iOS  and transferring contacts, messages, photos and even setting up your emails from your iOS to android will no longer be a pain, thanks to Google.

Google has come up with a set of guidelines on its website for iPhone owners who wish to switch to Android and how they can deploy the Google drive to help them in this process. A section on this page guides you about how to use Google Drive on iOS in order to back up all your data. It can facilitate the transfer of data including iPhone Contacts to Google Contacts, Calendar to Google Calender, Photos to Google photos and Videos and so on.

There are some necessary measures you will have to keep in mind while taking a backup of all your data:

  • Since the backup will take several hours, make sure you have enough time and don’t start it while you are in your office.
  • Make sure you have the access to power.
  • Good speed Wi-Fi connection is a must.
  • The app must stay open on the screen during the process.

Here are a few limitations the website obviously does not mention:

  • You will have to give up on your extensive list of music.
  • Other than not being able to use iMessage anymore, you will have to let go of all your old iMessage conversations. The website slates out the information in a subtle manner by saying,

    iMessage is an Apple messaging service. Don’t forget to turn it off, or SMS/MMS messages may continue to be directed to your old iPhone or iPad instead of being routed to your new Android phone.

  • The SMS text messages data is also not backed up in your Android.

Well, Google isn’t the first one to initiate the transition between devices. The trend was started by Apple, which released an Android utility called “Move to iOS” which performs this same process in reverse.

Previously, Google had launched its new Pixel smart phones with a “Quick Switch” adapter that allows you transfer data from your iPhone into your new Pixel phone. That adapter also took care of SMS transfers. However, this new update should allow users moving to other android smartphones, the ability to shift their data without having to buy a Pixel.

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