While the users haven’t been impressed with the release of the new MacBook Pro with TouchBar, the graphical and battery issues only further added to the growing pile of problems. But, Apple has today released an update for macOS Sierra to address these issues and make some nifty changes to cover up their own mistakes (yeah! we’ll talk about this in detail).

One of the biggest concerns for new MacBook Pro users was the fact that the battery life estimated by Apple stood at about 10 hours. But the laptops were dying after just 4 to 5 hours, even at moderate usage (just internet browsing). Users had voiced their views about the said problem plaguing their Macbooks on Apple support and other community forums.

Well, Cupertino instead of addressing the battery concerns head-on with some detailed explanation (something I would’ve preferred), has decided to remove the battery’s ‘estimated time’ remaining display from the menu bar. This is a prominent indicator to enable you to determine when to plug your MacBook Pro in for charging again.

Apple believes that the estimation of remaining battery life on the Macbook Pros is not exactly accurate and that’s the primary reason for its removal. The battery is said to be behaving properly and the Intel Kaby Lake processors and graphics processors operate at variable speeds and their performance switch happens on the fly. Thus, the battery life indicator cannot display accurate info at every instant.

In addition, this macOS update also includes a significant fix for the graphics glitches on the new MacBook Pro models. This issue, which caused flickering, checkerboard designs and screen tearing, affected several users using graphic intensive programs like Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. This was being considered a hardware bug but the same has been fixed using the latest update. This also introduces a clearer UI for displaying iCloud syncing, & Storage optimizations.

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