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Barely a week after Google unveiled seven new apps that could be used with its Daydream mobile virtual reality (VR) system, the Netflix VR app has arrived on the Daydream VR headsets as well.

The VR version of Netflix for Daydream is strikingly similar to the one that was previously available for Samsung’s Gear VR. In short, it puts you in a simulated cabin with a big screen TV for your Netflix watching experience. You can layback and watch stuff on a big screen, even when at home. Cool right?

Netflix’s Daydream VR version unfortunately doesn’t support offline downloads, which was introduced last month for selected films and TV shows, such as Orange is The New Black, Narcos and The Crown. The reason for this is pretty simple. This app is separate from the main Netflix application for Android and as such, that particular feature has not made its way here yet.

But we can always expect this feature in the next update.

Last week Google launched seven Daydream mobile VR apps. The list of applications also included HBO. By launching Neflix, the company has significantly ramped up the quantity of stuff that is now available on the Daydream platform. Considering the wide plethora of content that is now available on the platform, Google is making Daydream more alluring than ever.

Although, that wouldn’t help Google if people cant access the Daydream at all. The Daydream VR headsets still support a very small number of smarphones. The list is limited to Google’s Pixel smartphones and some other, including a couple of Lenovo’s latest Moto series devices. If Google really wants to make its VR headsets popular, it is going to have to get it to support more devices as well.

That said though, Google is probably aware of the issue and indeed, may be building up a respectable content library on Daydream View, before going for a mass launch.

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