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After two years of patient wait, Android’s Facebook app is  now more or less equivalent to iOS version of the app. We are here talking about the capability of uploading HD videos from your Facebook app, which will now be a handy feature for users. The teams at the social media giant have been working hard for the last month towards a successful rollout of the feature.

The option to “Upload videos in HD” is now available right below the option of uploading videos. You can also do the same from the app’s settings menu. The option was available to iOS users for the past two years using the toogle button below the upload video option. Though capturing HD photos and videos through Android phones was possible since ages, we still don’t know the exact reason for the delay in the release of the said feature.

Apart from it, Facebook will be bringing some other important changes in near future. These include system-wide picture-in-picture (PIP) video, which means you’ll need to draw over the other apps for giving them access similar to chat heads in your messenger. Moreover, you’ll be able to watch previously downloaded and saved videos on offline mode in coming months.

Taking hints from YouTube, Facebook will also offer resolution option to its users for a faster viewing experience and lesser data load. For an easier notification browsing, two arrow buttons along the notification view have also been added. With these arrow buttons, you can skip back and forth through the notifications.

These are some of the significant changes that Facebook will be launching henceforward, though it is yet to determine when exactly. For now, it is a happy news for all Android users as they’ll be able to show off their skills through the app version only. We’ll keep you updated as soon as Facebook brings any other change sooner or later.

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