2016 has proved to be a fruitful year for Japanese multinational conglomerate, Sony Corporation. On Wednesday, the company announced that the sales of its PlayStation 4 video game console had exceeded 50 million units on 6th December 2016.

The PlayStation 4, was launched in late 2013 and has been Sony’s fastest-selling game console. However, the company gave us a look at some actual figures when it announced the 50 million figure.

Andrew House, President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said,

We’re truly delighted that the PS4 community continues to flourish since launch three years ago.

He also said that,

With tremendous support from our fans and partners across the globe, this year we were able to deliver an unprecedented lineup of hardware such as the new slimmer PS4, PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR. We will continue to provide the best gaming experiences available through our ground-breaking software lineup and network services, as we focus on accelerating our business and expanding the PS4 ecosystem.

Recently, Sony also released a brand new version of its PlayStation 4, dubbed Play Station 4 Pro for $400. This newly released Playstation 4 Pro is the latest installment of the Playstation console and is the most powerful of all the consoles the company has ever launched.

Talking about the appearance, the pro version is slightly larger than current PlayStation 4. Although it has got the same operating system as PS 4 and it runs the same games with the same applications, it is intended for 4k television owners for high-quality resolutions and graphics. Other than that, Sony also released a PlayStation app for Google Android as well as Apple iOS recently.

Here are some uses of the PS app you might be unfamiliar with:

  • It allows players to join and search for other groups of PlayStation 4 players by using their smart phones.
  • It can be used to search and find specific games.
  • It can help players post images and messages on the community wall.
  • It lets app member chat and choose to join in gaming parties for multiplayer games.

Well, considering the amount of effort Sony has been putting into its gaming division of late, we can expect the 50 million count to go even higher.

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