Sneaky move there, Naughty Dog!

The Uncharted series and Last of Us developer has remained fairly silent on the topic of its on-going project and there was no shortage of speculations from fans and gaming publishers alike. And they all pointed towards a possible sequel for a game that is considered one of the best (very best) of our time. The Last of Us.

The game was so incredibly well received by fans all over the world, and so tremendously reviewed by not just a few, but every single game reviewing publication in existence, it would’ve been a waste of wonderful opportunity to the let the story just end there. And without spoiling too much, it’s safe to say that the first game’s ending left the developers sufficient space to work on a safe (and not unnecessarily dragged on) plot.

The San Francisco-based coveted game developers made a reveal move that could be considered similar to the subtle reveal made by Rockstar Games for Red Dead Redemption 2, where the studio started off by covering all of their social media handles in the RDR-esque shade of red and soon revealing the official poster followed by the trailer.

In a more subtle but similar fashion, Naughty Dog just went for the straight forward approach for their new game’s reveal, simply posting a picture, that says “The Last of Us Part II”.

Not that I mind a simple reveal. But considering the status of the game and the company, I’d have hoped for a more grand approach to this massively anticipated sequel. Nevertheless, the excitement being felt by me and millions of others is still the same regardless of the scale of the reveal.

So it’s here, get ready for another breath taking adventure with Joel and Ellie. Oh and, keep some tissues nearby. Just in case.

Till then, here’s a first look at what’s in store. Enjoy!

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