Android Pay Expands, Android Pay

Google’s Android Pay service was launched exclusively for BNZ customers in New Zealand today. The smartphone-based payment service works similarly to Apple Pay, which has been available for Australia and New Zealand customers since October.

The BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card will work via Android Pay “everywhere contactless payments are accepted” which includes “The Warehouse, Domino’s, BP, BurgerFuel, McDonalds and more.” Businesses with contactless systems don’t need to do anything to enable Android Pay.

It immediately allows BNZ customers to pay for goods anywhere that Visa payWave is accepted, tapping their phones instead of their debit cards. In early 2017, customers will also be able to pay for online purchases without reaching for their wallets.

BNZ Android Pay allows anyone with an NFC-enabled Android device (KitKat 4.4+) to pay in store with just a tap of their phone. They simply need to install the Android Pay app on their phone and add their BNZ Flexi Debit Visa card by taking a photo of it. They also need to have the BNZ Mobile Banking app loaded on their phone to verify their details.

Android Pay is available now in the online gambling industry at each online casino in New Zealand. The players can use this method for quick payments and withdrawals at not only online casinos but every time they shop online.

David Bullock, director of products and technology at BNZ, said with half of the New Zealand market using Android phones, there are tens of thousands of BNZ customers with the right technology to start using BNZ Android Pay straight away.

We see clear benefits in bringing Android Pay to New Zealand for BNZ customers – for many, it’ll be the first time they can shop without their wallet. As the uptake of contactless payments increases there will be more places to pay with just a tap of your phone. It’s about simplicity and convenience in payment options for your everyday banking.

Android Pay enables easy and quick payment using point of sale systems. The application doesn’t need to be open to work and for purchases under $80 a PIN is not required.

New Zealanders have a long standing affinity with electronic payments, as shown most recently by the swift uptake in contactless payments. BNZ Android Pay is just like tap and go payments with contactless cards, except you tap your phone on the payment terminal.

At BNZ, we’re pleased to have negotiated this technology first for our customers and look forward to the roll out of this in the New Year. Partnering with Google opens doors to exciting opportunities in the future as technology, digital banking and customer needs continue to evolve,

says Bullock.

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