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Yet another flexible display patent granted to Samsung, this one being shatter-proof

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Samsung Electronics grabs yet another flexible OLED display patent as on 22 November, 2016. The new patent has been granted by the U.S. patent and Trademark office. The patent numbered 9,504,154 was originally filed by the company in May 2014 with U.S. Patent Office. This patent surfaces for foldable flip phones to be allegedly released in 2017 by Samsung, reports Patently Mobile.

Speaking about the specifics of the patent, the flexible OLED display panel is made of plastic. It includes  polyethylene naphthalate (PEN), polycarbonate (PC), polyarylate (PAR), polyether imide (PEI), polyether sulfone (PES), and/or polyimide (PI). Further, it also states that the flexible substrate will be durable and heat resistant.

The invention has two electrode layers. The first electrode layer is an elastomer film and a voltage is applied to it. The elastomer film used would convert electric energy into mechanical work, particularly strain.  The second electrode is disposed on the upper portion or the lower portion of the flexible display panel, hence forming the second layer.

Therefore, the device having flexible panel could be adjusted without the use of hands. The display would not shatter upon impact with the way the voltage has been applied. The image with the patent shows the rear part of the flexible OLED display.

However, we have come across no other user benefit of this flexible display apart from it being shatter-proof. This folding technology patent is seen as an asset to future foldable flip phones. Recently, Samsung had talked about foldable flip phones which could be bent into two halves. The flexible display patent just adds fuel to flames of its release.

Hence, with this new patent, we know foldable phones of the next generation would come into play. Also,the recent developments by Korean giant in patents and foldable technology , we could expect a lot from Samsung in 2017. But its arch-enemy Apple isn’t very far behind and has patented a flexible display technology of its own. We could expect to see some hand-held devices from both of these hardware makers in the coming months.

Simran is The Tech Portal’s newest member, and has a keen interest in covering enterprise tech and app tech. She reports from our HQ @ Jaipur, India.

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