Pokemon Go was all the rage when it first debuted in July of this year but the popularity and interest for this gaming phenomenon tanked at a tremendous pace. The primary reason for the same being the lack of a wider variety of Pokemon, an exchange mechanism, and better gym fighting experience.

But now, the rumors of Pokemon Go receiving the long-promised update with new pocket monsters and improved features are being fueled by VentureBeat. It claims that people associated with the web scanner PokeVS have spotted some striking changes in the underlying code of this widely popular game. These sources have also shown evidence — comparison between the before and after code, which distinctly points out the updates being implemented with this release.

And we know, you’re craving to know the results of this code exploration. The report suggests that the said update is expected to roll out in December, in time for the holiday season. It will bring along – wait for it – 100 new normal and Legendary Pokemon, player versus player battles, trading Pokemon between players, and raising plus training you own hatched eggs. Among the legendary Pokemon, the extremely powerful Mewtwo and Mew are expected to make an appearance in the game.

Ever since the slowdown in downloads, user traffic and engagement, this record-breaking game had been lurking in the background. Being a part of occasional conversations, Pokemon Go had lost its golden touch within a couple months. But Niantic, the game developer behind this phenomenon, has been working on adding new features to the game. They’ve just recently introduced one of the much-awaited pocket monster ‘Ditto’ to the game – which transforms into its true character from menial Pidgeys, Ratatatas or Zoobats.

This speculation falls in line with the ambitious vision of Niantic Lab’s CEO John Hanke, who has previously stated that the company was working on the aforementioned updates including real-life events. He had then suggested that the features would come slowly but it could now be looking to regain market attention with the release of an update during the festive season. The new ‘Gen 2’ game will be delivered to users via an update and make the next generation Pokemons available for capture plus training.

But, we also expect Niantic to widen the scope of the availability of the game beyond the confines of major countries – it has already made its way to. Pokemon Go, for those unaware, is one of the most downloaded app on the Android and iOS app stores and has managed to rake in more than $500 million in revenues in its first 90 days after its launch.

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