World’s largest social media platform Facebook, has lately been in the news for all the wrong reasons. After being blamed for posting fake news and possibly influencing US election result, the company came under fire after it divulged some major bugs in its ads services.

Well, the latest news doesn’t break the jinx and it appears as if the company is shutting down parts of its ads business and cutting off 30 jobs in Germany. The job cuts would have been disregarded in any other company of Facebook’s scale, however, considering that it has not made a practice of layoffs, these cuts are causing certain raised eyebrows.

Everyone knows that Facebook’s advertising business is continuing to grow globally — albeit the company’s own growth is slowing as it reaches saturation. That said, Facebook is bringing reforms to operations in certain markets. As per TechCrunch, The company has decided upon consolidating sales operations focused on small and medium businesses in Europe.

Along the same, the company is sacking 30 employees in Germany. While 30 is a pretty small number for a company which employs 15,724 people. But it is worth a notice when Facebook has not made regular practice of laying people off. The company has declined to comment on the job cuts.

Apparently, Stefanos Loukakos, the SMB director of Facebook in Europe, Middle East and Africa, made the cuts to consolidate SMB operations across these locations. Meanwhile, SMB activity in Hamburg and across Germany, where Facebook does marketing outreach to SMBs in the form of online content and events, will still be operational.

According to the sources, around 15-18 contractors who had been working on the social media platform’s “Trending team” were relieved of their duties. The platform has lately been accused of disseminating fake news and as such, some of these contractors seem to have taken the fall. Facebook has been also been closing parts of its ad business that are witnessing low activity. The most recent example of the same is the closing down of the ad-serving part of its Atlas platform.

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