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Dishonored 2 has been in the midst of a lot of controversy due to its buggy and undone PC platform version ever since it’s official release. Arkane has been hard at work trying to fix these issues and one update patch has already been released to fix a small amount of the ongoing problems. And now the second patch has been released in beta.

Arkane Studios recently rolled out the second update for Dishonored 2 into its beta version, and it has been designed to resolve a majority of the performance issues that have been reported ever since launch. As for them, the patch notes assure to provide “general performance and optimization improvements“, along with an update to the manner it auto-detects and assigns graphics settings based on your hardware.

To try out the beta for yourself, you’ll be required to right click on Dishonored 2 in your game library, click on Properties/Betas and from the dropdown menu in front of you, select BetaPatch. An update should then start the installing procedure.

Here’s the update overview, but for full patch notes click over to the Steam page.

  • General performance and optimization improvements
  • Auto-detection of the Visual settings was re-worked based on player feedback and observed issues. If still experiencing issues after updating drivers and downloading patch 1.2, advise using the “Restore Settings” option to apply the recommended settings for your hardware.
  • Max pre-rendered frames is now managed by the game, advise removing any previous manual customizations in graphics driver control panel
  • Fixes multiple related to game logic
  • Fixed various issues related to user interface
  • Fixed various issues related to mouse/KB and gamepad, including: Mouse smoothing is now set to minimum by default
  • Fixed various issues related to using alt-tab related bugs
  • Fixed various issues related to multiple monitors
  • Fixed a bug where Resolution Scaling was deactivated when the game ran above 30 FPS
  • Changed the Resolution Scaling settings to be more clear
  • Added new settings in the Options menu
  • Added a Framerate Limiter so the player can limit framerate fluctuation when playing without V-sync
  • Added TAA Sharpness option
  • Added more options to V-Sync settings. NOTE: If you previously disabled V-sync, please check your FPS limiter setting to ensure it is set to your desired limit.
  • Added Triple Buffering option
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