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Microsoft partners with D-Link to deliver faster ‘Super Wi-Fi’ services to remote communities

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Today, over 4 billion people, which accounts for more than 50 percent of the world’s population, still aren’t connected to the internet. Tech behemoths are currently working on network technologies to extend the same to rural communities around the world. Microsoft has today announced that it has partnered with Taiwanese network equipment manufacturer D-Link to deliver speedier Wi-Fi to populous across the world.

Both of these companies have decided to work on the development of a next-generation wireless infrastructure, christened ‘Super Wi-Fi.’ This Microsoft-led project will leverage the unused bandwidth in the lower-frequency broadband spectrum of white space to improve the quality, penetration, and coverage of existing Wi-Fi transmission.

Paul Garnett, director of Affordable Access Initiatives at Microsoft shares his views on this partnership in a statement, saying,

Microsoft was founded on the idea of democratising access to technology. Microsoft’s current mission is to empower every person and every organisation to achieve more.

For that reason, Microsoft is working with public and private sector partners around the world to develop technologies and business models that will make it easier for billions more people to affordable get online.

The primary aim of this partnership (or project) is to address the global gap in digital technology across urban and rural areas while also laying a solid foundation for scaling these network systems in remote and non-broadband wireless coverage areas.

Instead of working in the fastest commercially available Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ad or WiGig, Microsoft is exploring the future of  “802.11af” wireless technology standards, which operates at frequencies higher than the currently used wireless technologies. The tech behemoth has already initiated a pilot program in an unspecified state in the U.S and plans to implement the same in three other countries in the coming months.

The tech behemoth has already initiated a pilot program in an unspecified state in the U.S and plans to implement the same in three other countries in the coming months. Commenting on the partnership, Dave Link, chairman of D-Link says,

D-Link is proud to be part of the Microsoft Super Wi-Fi program and will continue to build on the spirit of “Building Networks for People” in the future with Microsoft. The future generations D-Link will also make use of its Netcom professional and global base resources to help the Super Wi-Fi technology platform continue to thrive in the future, D-Link will also make use of its own professional and global base resources.

These companies, however, are not the only ones who’re aggressively focused on the development of next-generation wireless technologies or making these services ubiquitous. Facebook, who’s primary aim is connecting people and building a global community, is also working on an extensive range of technologies, ranging from solar-powered drones to a completely affordable wireless infrastructure.

Though the latest addition to the list would be the space exploration company, SpaceX, launched by legendary founder Elon Musk. In the near future, he envisions to deploy more than 4,400 internet-beaming satellites that’ll blanket the Earth and provide internet to each and every individual on this planet.

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