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Hero Electric witnesses 100 percent growth as compared to last year

Hero Electric
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Indian electric two-wheeler company, Hero Electric recently released its sales report. One of the major highlights of the report was the fact that the company has witnessed a massive, 100% growth over last year. The states which saw a huge demand for Hero Electric vehicles and helped fuel this impressive growth include Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

The company owes this growth to its aggressive marketing and sales strategies. The brand offered discounts on selective models and the facility to buy the battery on EMI, which made it much easier for a huge section of the Indian population to purchase its products.

With almost 70 per cent market shares, the company has also collaborated with Paytm by offering Rs.10,000 cashback to those who pay through Paytm for its Lithium Ion Electric Bikes. This is over and above the Rs. 17,000 subsidy given by the Government on high-performance E-Scooters.

According to Sohinder Gill, CEO Global Business,

Hero Electric, this is one great step in Hero Electric’s attempt to put 3 million plus Electric two-wheelers on Indian roads by 2020.

He also added that,

More and more people are now choosing to make environmentally friendly choices. We have been privy to this trend thanks to the positive feedback from so many of our dealers across the country. The subsidy has further promoted a strong case for e-vehicles by making them more cost efficient than ever. Plus, they have undisputable benefits such as reducing the pollution levels, easy maintenance, and lower import costs by eliminating petrol.

Hero Electric has recently launched another E-scooter, Nyx Lithium, which offers Rs 5000 cash back to buyers. It comes with features like a split seat that doubles up as backrest, extra-large footboard and stylish looks. This scooter is also seeing rapidly increasing demands in the market.

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