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Over the past month, Google has introduced an unspeakable number of test features into the Play Store. Ranging from a change in the app cards layout, download queue to a complete overhaul of the reviews section, the tech behemoth is focused on improving the app discovery experience for its users.

In a bid to further that experience, Google now seems to be testing a server-side change related to search results in the Play Store, reports Android Police. It is one of the primary elements of the Play Store experience and has received a lot of flak from users for being terrible. They might be algorithmic and accurate but lack the much-required info about the app you’ve exclusively searched.

This server-side change to the search result introduces minor tweaks to the interface and shows a singular exclusive app card at the very top. This card provides users access to all necessary info (such as content rating, downloads, title and publisher) about the app you search for. This card now also sports a prominent install button to allow downloading the app, which will then morph into an open and uninstall button once you install it.


Below this card, the search results now display a list of similar apps and recommendations, finally followed by the standard search results underneath the ‘More’ section. This welcome change to the search results has gone live to numerous users across the globe and might be rolling out to all Android users in the coming months.

In addition, Google is currently also said to be experimenting with a redesigned user interface — with new color themes, install size in overflow menu, app carousel below search bar — for the Play Store. It has also taken massive demands of the developer community in consideration and decided to introduce AI and machine learning to the mix to improve app discovery. The tech behemoth has also upgraded its discovery and filter system to flag fraudulent installs in the Play Store.

Also, to ease the payment experience of Indian users on the Play Store, Google has introduced ‘netbanking’ and extended ‘carrier billing’ options to more telecom operators including Airtel and Vodafone.

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