Remember Snap Inc.’s (formerly Snapchat and now the parent company) ‘Spectacleswearable glasses ? Well of course you do (if not, please read this and get on !). Those glasses are now finally on sale, and the method deployed for selling them is as unique as the glasses themselves.

Fascinatingly, ‘Spectacles’ are being offered through ‘Snapbot’, a yellow (you know why that’s yellow) pop-up vending machine (shown in picture below), deployed specifically for popping out ‘Spectacles’. The Snapbot will travel across U.S. and will visit only one location for a single day. You can check the next location of the Snapbot on official site for Spectacles.

Available at a price of $129.95 , Spectacles come to you in three colors : black, teal, and coral, with the Snapbot allowing you to try on any pair of glasses virtually. Packed in a clear tube, Spectacles come with a charging cable, a charging case and a cleaning cloth. The cleaning cloth is shaped as Snap Ghost, which is cute though!

‘Spectacles’ are made of Plastic and hence are light-weighted. Two yellow circles are laid at the end of glasses, one with a camera fitted and other one with a ring of LEDs. The ring of LEDS light up to let your friends know that you are snapping. A 115-degree camera lens has been installed in Spectacles. Both wifi syncing and bluetooth syncing is provided to user for videos. Also,Spectacles saves your snaps automatically in Snapchat memories under the new tab Specs.

Snapping with these new glasses is quite fun actually. You just have to press the single button on top left. For a video, you have to press the same button constantly for 10 seconds. A light will blink to let you know start and end of video inside the Spectacles. Spectacles is compatible with iPhone 5 and later, running iOS 8 and above along with all Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi Direct. Although for an iPhone SE, IOS 10 is essential requirement. The newly bought Spectacles is fully charged and can upto 400 snaps at a time.

The spectacles would be available only in limited number, hence grab yours soon, and of course, if you’re lucky enough !

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