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Trump’s official presidential website goes online within a day of his election

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After surprisingly(or not so surprisingly) beating rival candidate Hillary Clinton to grab the presidential seat in the United States, Donald Trump, and his team isn’t slacking around celebrating the victory. The transition team has already started diligently acting on their duties and have already debuted the first official government website:

Yes, President-elect Trump is closely sticking by his election campaign slogan ‘Make America Great Again’ and the same has transitioned into the official website for his presidency. This website launched by the transition team today will serve as a one-stop shop for delivering important news updates about upcoming schemes. It also features a ‘Share your Ideas’ section that’ll enable any American citizen to input their thoughts(and strategies) to help Trump in his plans of making the country great again.

The official website also hosts a video that shows Trump enjoying some quality family time with his grandchildren, with his son Donald Trump, Jr. sharing his views on the election of his father as the U.S President. He, in brief, explains how Trump’s ‘toughness’ will enable the pupil of America to make the scattered nation one again.

If you’ve been wondering about the speedy approach of the team towards this transition then they’ve, in a press release, detailed that the Presidential Transitions Improvements Act of 2015 grants “major party candidates with office space and services immediately following party nomination to ensure continuity of government and to protect the institutions of the United States.” Due to this very law’s existence, each candidate’s teams were provided facilities and related services to prepare for the coming change in government.

In addition, the blog post also mentions that Trump and his supporting team will have a 73-day period between election day and inauguration day to identify and select candidates for over 4,100 presidential appointments. This will ensure the smooth transition of administration from the widely popular former President Obama to the clumsy industrialist Donald Trump.

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