While smartphones with curved screens are already gaining popularity, the next big thing could be foldable smartphones. However, we are not talking flip phones previously used. We are here talking about phones which will have a bendable screen which could be folded time and again by users. Samsung, the South Korean behemoth plans to launch foldable phones in 2017.

Recently, a patent has been filed by the company with the Korean Intellectual Property Office for a Foldable smartphone. Such patents fuel our expectations for foldable phones in near future. A recently published patent PDF, first spotted by Galaxy Club, depicts what could be expected from Samsung. Diagrams depict a long slender smartphone with creases in the middle. The creased region definitely shows up from where the display would bend in. It is assumed that the display could be folded half-way in the middle without any damage creation.

The front of the handset is furnished with the classic Samsung Home button in between a back button on the right and a menu button on the left. However, it will resemble a flip phone after being folded up. Also, the folding mechanism has a close resemblance to Microsoft’s Surface Book. This is due to the fact that two folded screens do not touch each other. But we cannot guarantee if the phone will exactly look like stated. A secondary display is also being referred in the patents and it would activate after the smartphone is folded.

Further, in Tech World 2016 event, Lenovo also projected its own bendable phone along with a prototype. Not to forget, Apple allegedly also plans to release a flexible OLED display in the larger iPhone 8 Plus. Recently, a patent for foldable devices registered by Cupertino has also surfaced on the interwebs. With cut through competition travelling through the market, a lot is expected from 2017.

Portability of phones would definitely get enhanced with bendable phones in the market. With the news of patents being filed, the drama scattered around Samsung Note 7 is expected to subside. However, Samsung is still quiet and has not commented on any speculations.

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