Samsung has run out full page ads in Monday editions of U.S. newspapers — The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and The Washington Post apologizing its customers over the Galaxy Note 7 recall and what proceeded that recall. The ad comprising of a letter, is signed by Gregory Lee, the president and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America.

The ad reads,

A careful Note 7 investigation is underway and the findings will be shared when the process is complete…We will re-examine every aspect of the device, including all hardware, software, manufacturing and the overall battery structure. We will move as quickly as possible, but will take the time needed to get the right answers.

Image : Rurik Bradbury / Twitter
Image : Rurik Bradbury / Twitter

The ad is an effort towards restoration of company’s goodwill, which was severely damaged with all that happened around the Note7. Released in August, the Galaxy Note7 faced critical reviews from the very beginning due to overheating. The company resorted to recalling the phones. However production was completely discontinued in September after replacement phones suffered from same problems.

The ad at once, strikes similarity with the Volkswagen apology published in November 2015, to apologise for the emissions scandal. And likewise both of them aimed towards English Speaking consumers and took out prints in U.S. publications only.

The ad also mentions about apology over fault in over 2.8 million Samsung top load washing machines. Consumers reported that the lids were detaching from the chassis during the use. The problem has been reported with 34 different models of machines. Further, according to a November 4th statement from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission about 700 complaints for malfunction had been registered.

The apology is majorly directed towards turning things around with galaxy S8’s launch next year. The print concluded with

Most importantly, safety remains our top priority,We are grateful for your ongoing support and again, we are truly sorry.

The last quarter has been a disastrous one for the company with its profits falling down upto 25% compared to last year. Let’s hope the apology by Samsung restores faith in its customers.

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