Intel is all decked to set a new benchmark in the drone department. And to set that benchmark, the company has announced its brand new creation : The Intel Shooting Star Drone.

After laying off the Guinness World Record in November 2015, for “Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles airborne simultaneously” where Intel liberated 100 drones in the sky in Tornesch , Germany, with its new Shooting Star Drone, the chip giant knocks another world record by releasing 500 drones in the night sky being controlled from a single PC at the same time.

The drone itself is a completely new drone. This is the Intel Shooting Star. It’s made to be lightweight. It has a propeller cage so that we can ensure that everything is done safely and securely.

said Natalie Cheung, the business lead for Intel’s light show.

An entire new system has been devised by Intel that arranges this fleet of drones into different shapes and patterns and so that all of them can be controlled by a single person with no external help needed.

Talking about the specifications of the drones, they are made from foam and plastic and installed with LED lights that are capable of creating more than 4 billion color combinations. Each quad-copter is just of half a pound in weight which makes it light weighted. The propeller cage and Geo-fencing of drones are a part of its safety measures so that these drones cause minimal damage in case of an accident.

The light show of Shooting Star was put up in Germany last month; but similar shows would be witnessed in U.S. in near by future as Intel has got approval in this regard from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) which has waived the company a green flag. Specially designed for light shows, Shooting star will now be part of important events and seen in theme parks for entertainment. However, company also seeks to use the technology for serious purposes like automate building, rescue missions etc.

With this drone, we will be able to demonstrate that drone light shows can redefine entertainment and create amazing new experiences in the night sky.

said Intel’s Anil Nanduri, Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s UAV Segment.

Intel’s interest in drone department is no new, by setting up a world record last year and acquiring Ascending Technologies earlier this year, a German drone making company; from launching Falcon 8+ , first commercial drone by Intel in October and recently take possession of a start up named MAVinci GmbH that focuses on fixed wing drone technology and flight-planning software; Shooting Star adds to the list. With the company’s keen interest in drones and series of event; let’s see what Intel unveils next.

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