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Until today, buying apps of your choice on the Google Play Store had been an extensive chore. Android smartphone users in India have just been stuck with the possibility of using a debit/credit card or redeeming gift cards to make purchases. The company has also tried to ease the same with the introduction of carrier billing but the conversion rate has been fairly low.

Thus, Google is today making a much-awaited and useful payment option available to Android users in the country — Netbanking. Yes, you heard me right. In addition to the previously available payment methods, a new netbanking option now seems to be appearing on Google Play Store in India.

First spotted by Android Police, this payment option allows you to link your bank account to the Play Store and pay for apps or games directly from your bank account. Though the payment option has only been added a couple days ago, Google has linked the same to an extensive list of Indian banks already.


To add a new payment option for your account, you’ll first need to jump into the  Google Play Store and pull out the hamburger menu by swiping from the left towards the right. Then tap on the ‘Account’ option which will take you to the general settings, including the Payment one right at the very top.

Once you tap on the ‘Add a new payment method’ tab, you’ll now be greeted with three options. From this window, you’ll need to select ‘Add Netbanking’ to be taken to an extensive list of banks to choose from. Also, you’ll need to input your complete address if you’re adding a payment methods for the very first time. Once you’ve chosen your bank account, you’re done! It’s that simple.

Now, you can purchase any paid application from the Google Play Store without going through the hurdles of adding a debit/credit card or redeem a gift card. It, however, seems that the netbanking option isn’t yet available for in-app purchases.

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