Google Doodle pivots around significant days and major events, and this time it is playing a crucial role by projecting an Election Day reminder doodle at our desktop screens. According to Google surveys, U.S. presidential elections will have an impact on over 200 million people as there are 165 propositions on the ballot in 35 states. Also, these elections will be affecting economies all across the globe, hence Google makes sure that people remember to vote on this Tuesday.

As soon as you will click on the Google doodle for elections, it will escort you to the tool to that will help you find your nearest polling place. You have to enter your complete street address of where you’re registered to find out where you can vote. Apart from letting you know where to vote, it also has tools which describing how to vote, delineating vital information regarding the process along with notifying who’s on your ballot; both in English and Spanish.

The appealing Doodle is not only the one creating election awareness, Facebook is also offering help to its  social networkers by planning out their ballot through a tool and constantly reminding users about coming day of elections. The major web giants are positively contributing towards society and are certain that their users do not forget to vote — also because it is one of the most important elections in the United States. A tussle between a power-hungry meglomaniac who shouldn’t come to power and the first lady president. Huh!

Further, Google will be incorporating real-time election results in more than 30 languages in our search results as soon as the voting will end on Tuesday. The Doodle’s reach is limited to United States only.

So, whether you are in favor of Trump or Clinton, or any other candidate; your vote does count. Much is at stake in the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election scheduled on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

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