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While there exist a few highly anticipated first-person shooter games that are currently hustling it out for gamers’ attention, the one triple-A shooter from the previous year that continues to perform consistently well among Xbox gamers: Halo 5: Guardians. Despite the fact that it’s a year old now and facing severely tough competition in the first-person shooter space, Halo 5 continues to be expanded with free new features by 343 Industries every now and then for players and provide a well-rounded experience.

In light of the fact, developer 343 Industries recently announced via an official blog post that it is currently planning certain fixes and the release of fresh new content for Halo 5 very soon. Among the mentioned fixes are some upgrades to the already magnificent multiplayer servers that should further elevate the player experience.

Commenting on the same, 343 Industries in the blog post said:

As a commitment to sustaining a fun and enjoyable online experience along with a consistent and fair competitive landscape, the team is actively investigating these reports.

In fact, I’m told there will be a very small update pushed out tentatively as early as next week that’s strictly under-the-hood work to further assist in identifying the root causes of reported instances of higher-than-usual latency, disconnects as well as melee registration to help facilitate a fix.

And that’s amazing news for all of you Halo 5 players, especially considering the numerous challenges Battlefield 1 has already been experiencing with its multiplayer servers lately. If Halo 5 can manage to continuously offer a stellar experience for gamers who’re frustrated due to the under-performance of newly released titles, 343 Industries might really be able to keep a tight grasp on a fair amount of its player base right through the holiday season.

Apart from the various planned fixes, the developer further teased a new “Classic” playlist for Halo 5, that should be arriving “relatively soon“. While 343 failed to provide any further details, it’s more than enough to get that many gamers speculate online about the upcoming addition and what it could be.

Here’s to hoping that when 343 says the classic playlist is coming “relatively soon”, it means that we spartans can expect the update to arrive before the end of the year, and possibly before December.

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