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Bots are all the rage now. Along with Facebook and Microsoft, Yahoo‘s Bot program is pretty advanced as well. The company offers a variety of bots that are capable of engaging you in conversation on many different topics. The company has recently launched an app dubbed Yahoo Bots, that will provide people interested in talking with its bots, with a sort of a go-to hub.

Here is all you need to know about this secretly introduced app, which was later announced on Tumblr through a post about Yahoo’s Blitz assistant.

  • The app has buttons, cards, and carousels similar to many chat platforms including Facebook Messenger.
  • Yahoo has also added Siri in the app, so that the users can send messages to bots within the app with their voice. Using AI to talk with other AIs, wow!
  • The application is available for iOS and Android and helps users connect with all of the company’s virtual assistants like Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo Finance.
  • Yahoo Bots also features Monkey Pets, a pet monkey you can feed food, emojis and so on.
  • Bot also features Blitz, a fantasy football helper where players can research their team and and get real-time stats, player news and personalized recommendations.
  • Just like any other app it is expected that Yahoo Bots too will come up with its updated versions in the coming time, which will have more features and will get even more user friendly with its every update.

According to a Yahoo spokesperson,

We’ve started by launching where the bot platform has already been built and bot capabilities are supported. We’ll continue exploring other opportunities, including launching on Yahoo Messenger, as we learn and iterate.

He also said that,

We continue to explore opportunities to bring better bot experiences to our users with a focus on areas where we bring domain expertise (News, Finance, Sports, Lifestyle).

It was also revealed that Yahoo has plans to explore all avenues associated with potential third-party integrations. While not much details on the topic were available, Yahoo’s new app would appear to be promising. Although, user response after a couple of thousands downloads on the Google Play Store appears to be lukewarm at best.

You can download Yahoo Bots for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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