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Facebook Safety Center redesigned, supports more languages

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Facebook with its massive 1.7 billion users has its share of both the good and the bad. The company has now redesigned its Safety Center to take care of issues pertaining to the latter. The new Facebook Safety Center is localized into 50 languages to help users set their privacy controls, regardless of the language they speak. The company has also redesigned its Bullying Prevention Hub in association with 60 partners, including Childnet International, Connect Safely and Family safety Online Institute, to make its tools easier to use.

According to Antigone Davis, head of global safety at Facebook,

The new version is now mobile-friendly — which makes sense, considering that in many countries mobile is the primary platform used to access the social network — and is now available in 50 different languages; along with more video to demonstrate how to use the controls that Facebook has on there.

Facebook wants its users to be cautious about a few things and recommends:

  • That every user must turn on two-step verification for Facebook so that every time they log in from a new device, it verifies their identity by sending an OPT on their phone.
  • Reporting every time a post is offensive or abusive.
  • That the audiences to target your posts or tags can be customized, either to friends, or colleagues at work, or regional audiences etc.

Although the Facebook Safety Center was introduced back in 2010 and the Bullying Hub in 2013, both are subject to change and this time an update has been brought about to make them more accessible. This has been done keeping in mind that Facebook users have now increased to far beyond merely an English speaking audience.

After making Facebook easier and more accessible to a global audience, there is a possibility that the number of users increase even more with time. Meanwhile, news of this new update comes just after another social networking site, Twitter, lost out on two major acquisition deals because of its inability to control trolls and harassment on its platform.

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